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Black Angus cow.

Simmental cows

Black Angus cow standing in a field.

Profile view of a black Angus cow standing in a field.

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Donald Mack EbyDonald Mack Eby passed away March 25, 2010. He is survived by his wife, Judie, of Overland Park, KS, three sons, Mike, Joe and Andy and their families, and brother Richard Eby. Don was born March 22, 1945 in Newton, Kansas to Olin and Lorene Eby. He graduated from Newton High School in 1963 and from Wichita State University in 1967. Following graduation, Don enlisted in the National Guard and served at Fort Carson, CO, until 1970.

Don’s life took him down many paths, however in the last six years ranching had become one of his passions. Don loved spending time with his family on the ranch, and watching his children and grandchildren take advantage of the wide-open spaces. He will be greatly missed.


A sprawling ranch scene: tall green grasses on rolling plains, with the red painted buildings and white fences in the horizon.
Eby Ranch at Badger Creek

The Flint Hills of Kansas represent one of the most productive regions in North America for raising cattle. In the springtime, a carpet of native grasses surge from the soil and spreads in every direction, as far as the eye can see. From May to October, hundreds of thousands of cattle are pastured on these hillsides and valley bottoms that have provided bursts of growth to the cattle that range on these grasses.

The Eby Family.
Judy and Don Eby

Don Eby, founder and owner of Eby Ranch, had grown up on a ranch in central Kansas, and had spent much of his adult life trying to find a way to return to the cattle business, and once again sink his roots in the grassy hills and fertile valleys. But he also wanted his ranch to be different. He wanted to build a seedstock operation built on integrity, quality, and customer service. He wanted his operation to reflect and embrace his family’s values. He wanted his customers to understand that his cattle were built on quality, and that the Eby name stood behind every animal the ranch produced.

The Eby Family.
From left to right — Back row: Don Eby,
Andy, Mike; Middle row: Judie, Thuy,
Mary, David, Renee, Bonnie; Front row:
Joe, Olivia, Grace, Angela, Samson

In the early 2000s he began building a cow herd focused on the fundamentals of the Angus female like soundness, fertility, utter quality, and performance. “It was only natural when he purchased the ranch property, located in the Flint Hills, that the breed of choice were Angus” reflects Clint Woodrow General Manager. “Emporia is very centrally located in the United States, and is a definite crossroads for the beef industry, Angus serve as the perfect foundation for what we are trying to achieve”.

Today Eby Ranch continues its commitment to producing quality through an aggressive embryo transfer program. All females that are not used in the embryo program are AI’ed to the best sires from the Angus and Simmental breeds.

In the end, however, Eby recognizes that it’s not the land or the genetics that will ultimately result in success for the company. It’s the people he’s put in place.

A sprawling ranch scene: tall green grasses on rolling plains, with the red painted buildings and white fences in the horizon.
The grandkids love coming to the ranch.

“The strength of Eby Ranch is the professional management team that we have in place,” says Don Eby, owner of the operation. “Our people every day ensure that the mission of this operation- ‘The Value Brand’ — is carried out and touches every aspect of what we do.”

The operation is headed up by our General Manager Clint Woodrow, Reproduction Manager Doug Mollenkopf, Herdsman Brent Bathurst, Office Manager Leah Wilson and Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Knight. This management team works closely with several universities and animal science departments developing seedstock, health and research and development.

“We are proud of the team we’ve put together, the ranch and breeding program that we’ve built,” says Eby. “But we also recognize that our success depends on the success of our customers, and we will never be satisfied with standing still. Everything we do, every breeding decision we make, must add value to the breeding programs of those who invest in our genetics. This is our highest calling, and an objective we’ll never forget.”


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